I am curious about how knowledge is formed- through intuition, interaction, and observation. Using the notions that perspective, scale, and time are all relative, how might our relationship within different ecologies shift? How might our evaluations of “useful” and “useless” change if we learn to see the world a little differently? I use drawing, sculpture, and video as an ongoing process of tracing, transcribing, dissecting, re-assembling, and transforming information.

I see abstraction and play as tools to re-imagine an object and bring it out of a readily understood context, allowing for an encounter with the unfamiliar. This speaks to confronting the unknown, the role of myth, and the power and limits of explanation. Play becomes a transformational activity which acknowledges the impermanence of this confrontation. In these actions I seek to examine ideas of impermanence, expectation, translation, and interdependency for a more empathetic understanding of the world around us.